My $12 T-SHIRT




Living in the Midwest has taught me one very important thing….if it’s nice outside you should use that to your full advantage!!! I wake up everyday not knowing what to expect, either snow, sun, or  rain. Waking up  yesterday, I felt the warm, spring day I haven’t in so long. I threw on a simple tee so that I could enjoy some play time with Malik before running some errands. The jeans I decided to throw on are extremely comfortable so it made looking cute while running errands easy. I picked this tee up in a few different styles because they were only $12. While at the store, I stopped by the kids department and found the cutest spring clothes for Malik!! This little camo top he is wearing is actually from there. The super comfortable jeans I mention are from Nordstrom. Already sounds pricy, but they are not which makes them so much better!! This brand I discovered there is really affordable, but the quality is definitely worth every penny. Also, I don’t know if you guys can tell, but Malik got a haircut and looks like such a big boy!





I didn’t always follow a skin care routine, in fact there were plenty of night’s where I would contemplate even washing my face (yikes)!  Knowing that was not the best I made it a priority to take better care of my skin. When it comes to skincare I am all about prevention. I believe that it is much easier to prevent things from appearing than to get rid of them once they are there. I started this routine a few years ago and truly believe in these product’s.


I always start and end every day with this face wash and toner. The reason I love this particular face wash and toner is because they are moisturizing and won’t strip the natural oils from your skin……these two alone will leave your skin super clean and soft!!! Both the face wash and toner are geared towards normal/dry skin. If you have oily skin this toner and face wash would be a better option.


After I wash my face and tone I go in with my serum. My favorite serum is the Hydra Beauty Micro Serum because it is SUPER hydrating. One of the main keys to preventing wrinkles is hydrating your skin and this serum does a great job at keeping your skin hydrated for 24hrs. This serum is very unique due to the Camellia droplets in it that leave your skin plump and maintains your skin’s hydration level.

I remember the morning I woke up after using this moisturizer for the first time, my skin was so smooth and radiant. I was absolutely amazed at the instant difference I saw. This moisturizer will hydrate your skin and bring it to its optimal firmness. It is pricy, but a jar usually lasts me 6 months….and it smells amazing!


For my eye care in the morning I use only this Le Lift serum. The reason I choose to only use this product under my eyes in the morning is because it is a serum, so it is light in consistency and will absorb quick. I don’t like applying a ton of moisturizer under my eye area in the morning because it makes my concealer and makeup move around. Another reason why I use this serum in the morning is because it will instantly tighten any fine lines around the eyes…IT REALLY DOES! During the night is usually when I use multiple layer’s around my eyes…. this eye serum and this eye cream on top. I like to over hydrate my eye area because its the first area I am noticing fine lines appearing…. probably from tanning back in my high school days ughhhh!


The last product that I use is this Le Weekend serum. I remember when I worked at Chanel we couldn’t keep this product on the shelf because everyone loved it! This product is meant to be used alone for two days out of the week morning and night. This serum has glycolic acid, which will gently exfoliate your skin. It’s important to exfoliate and remove any layer of dead skin to insure that when you apply your skin care products they are penetrating deep into your skin. It also gives your skin a break from your everyday skin care routine and keeps those products working at their optimal level because your skin isn’t getting too used to them.



Its Wednesday, which means its almost Friday!!!!! These pants are easily the most comfortable pants ever! You can scrunch them up or wear them as they are and they look great! I went with a size medium, but I wish I got a small because the medium is a little too baggy on me.  They are also more of a high rise style, so if you don’t get the right size (like me!!) you will have a lot of extra material hanging in the stomach area. I adore this shirt and its only $12…. I will definitely be wearing it all spring/summer with shorts and jeans! My shoes are seriously the perfect spring shoe… especially if you’re a mom! It’s always a good day when you find a cute wedge that allows you to keep up with your busy toddler!



Today I will be sharing four self tanning products that I swear by and one that I would not recommend. Having a little color is one of those little things that really brightens up my mood. This may sound silly, but I swear I love my outfits so much more when I have a tan! Before I apply my self tanner I always apply this moisturizer on my knees, elbows, ankles and wrists…. and anywhere else you may have dry patches. Our skin tends to be dryer in those particular areas, so applying moisturizer on them before self tanner will prevent those areas from absorbing more self tanner and creating a uneven tan. It is also very important to exfoliate well before apply self tanner… I use and love this body exfoliator. To avoid having super tan hands I use this mitt to apply all of my tanners.


From the four self tanners I am sharing Loving Tan is my absolute favorite! This tanner develops into a beautiful brown color because of the olive undertones in it there is no need to worry about looking orange! Another reason why I love this product is because it is a mousse. When buying self tanners I always look for a mousse option because they dry very quickly and you don’t have to worry about it transferring on your clothes or sheets! My tan with this product usually lasts about a week.

Moving on to St. Tropez my second favorite. This one just like the Loving Tan will give you that “I just got back from vacation” tan, but I feel like the Loving Tan is just a bit darker. Also is a mousse, but does come in a lotion form as well.

Lets talk about my favorite affordable self tanner St. Moriz from Ulta. This self tanner will give you an amazing brown tan, but it will not last as long as the first two that I mentioned. I feel like when I use this product, which is also a mousse I have to use it twice a week in order to keep my tan. It has olive undertones, so again no need to worry about turning out orange!

I used Xen- Tan for a while because I loved the color I got from it, but this specific formula feels like a body butter, which means it does not dry down and transfers on clothes and sheets. Also with it not drying down you are more prone to having a uneven tan because the product comes off on your clothes. This tanner will give you an amazing color it would probably be one of my top tanners if the formula wasn’t so thick and greasy.

My least favorite tanner that I have ever tried is the Clarins self tanning instant gel. The reason I say this is because it will not give you a noticeable tan. The tan that it does provide tends to be a bit orange toned. When this product is applied it leaves a oily film on your skin, it never fully absorbs, which then transfers on your clothes! The Ulta tanner that I recommended gives you a lot more color and is a fraction of the cost! Also you don’t get as much product with this tanner for the price compared to the others I have mentioned!




The weather was so beautiful over the weekend! I hope everyone got to enjoy it and got to do something fun. I spent the day shopping with my sister….every time my sister and I go shopping some how we always end up in the sunglass section in EVERY store… anyway we were walking through Nordstrom and yet again ended up in the sunglass section LOL…I tried on this pair of sunglasses and fell in love, they remind me of a over sized Gucci pair I’ve seen. I got this shirt about two weeks ago and was finally able to wear it over the weekend with the warmer weather. Striped shirts are always a staple in my closet for spring… this particular one has a super girly feel with the ruffle sleeves and tie in the back. It also comes in this gorgeous color.


CARDIGAN  old ( similar here and here) | SATIN TANK | JEANS | SHOES (want THESE ) | BAG | EARRINGS | BRACELTE (here & here)

The weather is finally warming up and that makes me super happy. While it was colder I wasn’t able to shoot because 90% of the time Malik tags along with me and I didn’t want to risk him getting sick. Malik and I took advantage of this beautiful day and went to a local café that has the best crepes. Wearing white jeans when going to eat crepes filled with Nutella with a  toddler WAS definitely a risk…. but thankfully we walked out with no stains :)…White jeans are my #1 go to in spring because they are so easy and basically go with any top ( want these).  My cami comes in 9 different colors and it pairs perfectly with just about anything! I love having a few colors on hand because they are perfect on those days you feel like you have nothing to wear….. I have really been wanting the white, but it’s always sold out in my size in store! My shoes are probably the most comfortable pair of designer shoes that I own and my favorite spring shoe!




VEST: OLD (similar here under $15!!) | SWAETER | JEANS | SHOES | BAG (similar style) | WATCH OLD ( similar here) | EARRINGS

Happy Friday everyone! I’m currently sitting having my morning coffee while Malik naps thinking about the endless amount of things I have to get done! I stayed up late last night washing all of my makeup brushing for all of my upcoming appointments, so I am extra tired today!

Relying on caffeine to get me through today!

I wore this outfit the other day and I always get so many questions about my vest. Unfortunately I got it last year, but I have linked a similar one that is under $15. I layered it over a chunky sweater for a more polished look! The weather has been all over the place so I like having the option of easily taking a layer off once it warms up mid day! Super excited that the forecast says we will be getting snow next week. I cant wait to take Malik sledding!


CARDIGAN: BP (similar HERE and love this one) | T-SHIRT (HERE and HERE) | JEANS | BELT ( similar style HERE) | SHOES | EARRINGS | BRACELET | HANDBAG | HAT

While organizing my closet late last night I realized how many items I have that were worn a couple of times or not at all left on a hanger to collect dust. Now it’s no secret that fashion moves fast and you find that items you purchase are in one week and out the other. I wanted to take a step back and recreate a look with items I already have in my closet. Its so easy to get wrapped up in keeping up with the most current trends, but you don’t always have to go out and buy the newest sweater or shoes to look current. For my outfit I choose a basic white tee with some distressed jeans… probably two pieces every girl has in her closet!! Because it was a little cooler this day I threw on a cardigan I got months ago and these Steve Madden shoes. This look is super easy for the girl that just doesn’t have the time to be bothered with putting together outfits. When wearing older pieces you can always add new accessories to switch it up a bit. I choose this hat, which I absolutely adore and see myself wearing in spring/summer and this gold tote that will also look super cute in the months to come!




SWEATER | JEANS | SHOES | BRACELTE 1 & 2 | HANDBAG | EARRINGS | BELT (also love this one and this one)

As you all know, I stick to is neutrals for the most part, so this sweater was something I’d usually stay away from. I was walking through Loft, when I saw this highlighter yellow sweater. The color is not one I’d ever choose, actually I was always a little frightened to throw this color into my closet. I decided to try something new so I added it to my purchase; surprisingly, I can’t stop wearing it!!! It is my new favorite sweater and strangely I can pair it with a lot more than I thought I could. Sadly, these amazing jeans were purchased a few months ago, regardless I linked a very similar pair. If you tuned in on my last few blogs, you are probably aware of this gold tote I have been talking about. I finally went out and bought it, let me just say BEST PURCHASE. It is extremely roomy, I can turn it into a diaper bag so easily. The color is so stunning and transitions into any season. Also, it is very versatile handbag and easy to throw into any outfit. Even though, a cross-body is my first choice because of convenience purposes, becoming a mom has taught me that the bigger the bag, the better!! Definitely took advantage of having a sister and borrowed her belt, which added such a unique touch to my outfit. It leaves me debating which one I should purchase for the upcoming seasons!!