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Maliks Outfit



Hello! I know it has been a while, but Malik takes up 90% of my time, and I’m ok with that…loving every minute of it! I actually took him for his 4th haircut last week! He has so much hair…I love it! The hairstyle I always choose for him requires styling, but because I don’t feel comfortable putting hair products in his hair, I made my own little mixture with only two ingredients! Let me know if you guys want me to share what I use to style his hair it is totally baby safe! I picked these jeans up the other day and they are so comfortable and soft! I’m also loving this top ..I am OBSESSED! Definitely going to pack it for our LA trip this weekend! I was expecting a few shipments this week with pieces I was going to take on our trip, but unfortunately they didn’t come on time…..even though I bite the bullet and paid for express shipping ( I hate paying for shipping)!!! So now I am going to dig through my closet and see what I can come up with!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)!

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