I made my first order from Boohoo not too long ago and unfortunately most of the pieces I ordered did not work out for me. I ordered a few tops and one pair of pants, the pants came with a hole in them! I wasn’t that surprised with the quality of the clothes because they are super cheap! I asked on IG about your experience with ordering from Boohoo and the results were pretty much 50/50 half of the girls were disappointed with their orders while the other half never had any issues. With that info I was tempted to give them one more try. I made my second order, this time only sticking to sweaters because from my first order the sweaters seemed to be hit.

I ordered this green sweater and it’s the same quality as some of my Express sweaters and it comes in a ton of other colors! My jeans are currently 40% off and I love the hem detail!! My bralette was sold out for the longest time and is finally back in stock! Its perfect for any slouchy/off the shoulder sweater.

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