SWEATER | JEANS | BOOTIES: Steve Madden (similar here and here)| EARRINGS | SUNGLASSES

Happy Monday everyone! After being back for a couple of days from our enjoyable trip to Ellen, we decided it was a good day to put the prizes to use! First stop, IKEA!!!! I have never been a fan of this massive maze store, but today I learned my way around and picked up a few items. Of course, I spent the most time…and money [shocker], in the children’s section of the store. However, I still was able to add a few chic details to my home. My home has been neutral since the day I moved in; I am a big fan of neutral tones, but I decided it was time to add a little more excitement (100% suggest Ikea if you want to add  to your home within a budget!!) . Also, for the first time my whole To-do list was completed today! This is rare, usually I only get to number 3 on my daily lists. Although, I was very productive, the main reason this rare event occurred today was due to daddy and Malik having their own play date. Thankfully, my husband can save me on days when it feels like my errands are never-ending! Hope you guys like the outfit I threw together for this errand full day and be sure to click on the links if you find an item that suites your taste!!

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