Today I will be sharing four self tanning products that I swear by and one that I would not recommend. Having a little color is one of those little things that really brightens up my mood. This may sound silly, but I swear I love my outfits so much more when I have a tan! Before I apply my self tanner I always apply this moisturizer on my knees, elbows, ankles and wrists…. and anywhere else you may have dry patches. Our skin tends to be dryer in those particular areas, so applying moisturizer on them before self tanner will prevent those areas from absorbing more self tanner and creating a uneven tan. It is also very important to exfoliate well before apply self tanner… I use and love this body exfoliator. To avoid having super tan hands I use this mitt to apply all of my tanners.


From the four self tanners I am sharing Loving Tan is my absolute favorite! This tanner develops into a beautiful brown color because of the olive undertones in it there is no need to worry about looking orange! Another reason why I love this product is because it is a mousse. When buying self tanners I always look for a mousse option because they dry very quickly and you don’t have to worry about it transferring on your clothes or sheets! My tan with this product usually lasts about a week.

Moving on to St. Tropez my second favorite. This one just like the Loving Tan will give you that “I just got back from vacation” tan, but I feel like the Loving Tan is just a bit darker. Also is a mousse, but does come in a lotion form as well.

Lets talk about my favorite affordable self tanner St. Moriz from Ulta. This self tanner will give you an amazing brown tan, but it will not last as long as the first two that I mentioned. I feel like when I use this product, which is also a mousse I have to use it twice a week in order to keep my tan. It has olive undertones, so again no need to worry about turning out orange!

I used Xen- Tan for a while because I loved the color I got from it, but this specific formula feels like a body butter, which means it does not dry down and transfers on clothes and sheets. Also with it not drying down you are more prone to having a uneven tan because the product comes off on your clothes. This tanner will give you an amazing color it would probably be one of my top tanners if the formula wasn’t so thick and greasy.

My least favorite tanner that I have ever tried is the Clarins self tanning instant gel. The reason I say this is because it will not give you a noticeable tan. The tan that it does provide tends to be a bit orange toned. When this product is applied it leaves a oily film on your skin, it never fully absorbs, which then transfers on your clothes! The Ulta tanner that I recommended gives you a lot more color and is a fraction of the cost! Also you don’t get as much product with this tanner for the price compared to the others I have mentioned!


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