HOW FAR ALONG: 13 weeks! Baby is the size of a kiwi.

DUE DATE: December 29th.

NAME: We have no idea!

SICKNESS: I started feeling super nauseous all day everyday at about 7-8 weeks. With the combination of being nauseous and tired I spent most of my time in bed. I am finally starting to feel a little better…. meaning I get out of bed at a decent time! I still get nauseous pretty much everyday, but its definitely not as bad as it was the first two months!!!

CRAVINGS: NONE. Also very shocking I haven’t had any coffee for about three months now. I use to visit Starbucks on a regular, but right now I cant tolerate all that sugar in my coffee.

AVERSIONS: Any type of meat… beef is a hard NO! Also anything overly sweet like my iced vanilla latte I use to get ….

EXCERCISE: I worked out at my bootcamp 5-6 times a week up until I started feeling so sick I couldn’t make it through a I took 3 weeks off. About a week ago I started to go again and will continue to go until the end of my pregnancy. This is something I am doing completely different from my first pregnancy, with my first pregnancy I did not workout, but I wish I did. I am also choosing to stay active during this pregnancy because I never fully lost all my weight from my first pregnancy, therefore it wouldn’t be healthy for me to pack on any extra weight than needed.

WEIGHT GAIN: None. I was so sick I actually ended up  losing weight. This is also very different than my first pregnancy. With my First pregnancy I ended up gaining A LOT of weight in the first 15 weeks of my pregnancy although I was just as sick as I am with this one.





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