VEST: OLD (similar here under $15!!) | SWAETER | JEANS | SHOES | BAG (similar style) | WATCH OLD ( similar here) | EARRINGS

Happy Friday everyone! I’m currently sitting having my morning coffee while Malik naps thinking about the endless amount of things I have to get done! I stayed up late last night washing all of my makeup brushing for all of my upcoming appointments, so I am extra tired today!

Relying on caffeine to get me through today!

I wore this outfit the other day and I always get so many questions about my vest. Unfortunately I got it last year, but I have linked a similar one that is under $15. I layered it over a chunky sweater for a more polished look! The weather has been all over the place so I like having the option of easily taking a layer off once it warms up mid day! Super excited that the forecast says we will be getting snow next week. I cant wait to take Malik sledding!


CARDIGAN: BP (similar HERE and love this one) | T-SHIRT (HERE and HERE) | JEANS | BELT ( similar style HERE) | SHOES | EARRINGS | BRACELET | HANDBAG | HAT

While organizing my closet late last night I realized how many items I have that were worn a couple of times or not at all left on a hanger to collect dust. Now it’s no secret that fashion moves fast and you find that items you purchase are in one week and out the other. I wanted to take a step back and recreate a look with items I already have in my closet. Its so easy to get wrapped up in keeping up with the most current trends, but you don’t always have to go out and buy the newest sweater or shoes to look current. For my outfit I choose a basic white tee with some distressed jeans… probably two pieces every girl has in her closet!! Because it was a little cooler this day I threw on a cardigan I got months ago and these Steve Madden shoes. This look is super easy for the girl that just doesn’t have the time to be bothered with putting together outfits. When wearing older pieces you can always add new accessories to switch it up a bit. I choose this hat, which I absolutely adore and see myself wearing in spring/summer and this gold tote that will also look super cute in the months to come!




SWEATER | JEANS | SHOES | BRACELTE 1 & 2 | HANDBAG | EARRINGS | BELT (also love this one and this one)

As you all know, I stick to is neutrals for the most part, so this sweater was something I’d usually stay away from. I was walking through Loft, when I saw this highlighter yellow sweater. The color is not one I’d ever choose, actually I was always a little frightened to throw this color into my closet. I decided to try something new so I added it to my purchase; surprisingly, I can’t stop wearing it!!! It is my new favorite sweater and strangely I can pair it with a lot more than I thought I could. Sadly, these amazing jeans were purchased a few months ago, regardless I linked a very similar pair. If you tuned in on my last few blogs, you are probably aware of this gold tote I have been talking about. I finally went out and bought it, let me just say BEST PURCHASE. It is extremely roomy, I can turn it into a diaper bag so easily. The color is so stunning and transitions into any season. Also, it is very versatile handbag and easy to throw into any outfit. Even though, a cross-body is my first choice because of convenience purposes, becoming a mom has taught me that the bigger the bag, the better!! Definitely took advantage of having a sister and borrowed her belt, which added such a unique touch to my outfit. It leaves me debating which one I should purchase for the upcoming seasons!!


CARDIGAN | CAMI | JEANS | SHOES | BAG: old (similar here) | NECKLACE (my fave!! currently on sale for $15!!!)

I’m lucky to be awoken by the sweetest little boy every morning. Before we are off to teeth brushing and breakfast, I usually bring him in our room to get my morning kisses. Finally, I get a caffeine break while Malik is off to his nap after his morning play session. Once he is asleep, I make it my mission to use every minute to my advantage to get as much done as possible!!!! This includes getting ready for the day. Most days I cant be bothered with getting glammed up because I have to spend most of my free time cleaning breakfast off the floor. Today was one of those days, I choose an easy simple all black outfit. As a mom sometimes a black simple outfit is my go to because it doesn’t show all the snack stains, but still allows me to look fashionably put together. This cardigan sold out and is back in stock! I absolutely love the girly feels it gives with the ruffle sleeves (also want this one). My jeans I seriously over wear, but what can I say they are my favorite black jeans ( I have my eye on these)! My bag is an older style, but I linked a similar one, I am dying to have this one in gold!!



SWEATER | JEANS | BOOTIES: Steve Madden (similar here and here)| EARRINGS | SUNGLASSES

Happy Monday everyone! After being back for a couple of days from our enjoyable trip to Ellen, we decided it was a good day to put the prizes to use! First stop, IKEA!!!! I have never been a fan of this massive maze store, but today I learned my way around and picked up a few items. Of course, I spent the most time…and money [shocker], in the children’s section of the store. However, I still was able to add a few chic details to my home. My home has been neutral since the day I moved in; I am a big fan of neutral tones, but I decided it was time to add a little more excitement (100% suggest Ikea if you want to add  to your home within a budget!!) . Also, for the first time my whole To-do list was completed today! This is rare, usually I only get to number 3 on my daily lists. Although, I was very productive, the main reason this rare event occurred today was due to daddy and Malik having their own play date. Thankfully, my husband can save me on days when it feels like my errands are never-ending! Hope you guys like the outfit I threw together for this errand full day and be sure to click on the links if you find an item that suites your taste!!



I made my first order from Boohoo not too long ago and unfortunately most of the pieces I ordered did not work out for me. I ordered a few tops and one pair of pants, the pants came with a hole in them! I wasn’t that surprised with the quality of the clothes because they are super cheap! I asked on IG about your experience with ordering from Boohoo and the results were pretty much 50/50 half of the girls were disappointed with their orders while the other half never had any issues. With that info I was tempted to give them one more try. I made my second order, this time only sticking to sweaters because from my first order the sweaters seemed to be hit.

I ordered this green sweater and it’s the same quality as some of my Express sweaters and it comes in a ton of other colors! My jeans are currently 40% off and I love the hem detail!! My bralette was sold out for the longest time and is finally back in stock! Its perfect for any slouchy/off the shoulder sweater.


SWEATER ( similar here and here) | JEANS ( similar here and here) | SHOES old ( SIMILAR HERE) | NECKLACE | EARRINGS

Happy Thursday, everyone!!!! How cute is this navy blue chenille sweater!? I love everything about it especially the flared sleeves! If you are looking to bring some diversity to your sweater collection this season definitely look into a chenille sweater. The temperature has dropped to the 30’s, which makes it so hard to leave the house! We have been enjoying staying in bed a little longer on these cold mornings and catching up on some shows. Hope you all are having a wonderful Thursday!



SWEATER | JEANS | SHOES (similar here & here) | BAG ( similar here) | EARRINGS

We just got back from LA and we had a blast on the Ellen Show. Although it was a lot of fun I am so happy to be back home with my baby! We pretty much stayed home all day today and snuggled since it was pretty cold out! While in LA we visited the Grove again and it was so magical! They had all the Christmas lights up and it was one of the most beautiful things I have seen!





TOP | JEANS (similar here, and here)| SHOES (similar here and here) | BAG (similar here) | NECKLACE (here and here) |WATCH


Maliks Outfit



Hello! I know it has been a while, but Malik takes up 90% of my time, and I’m ok with that…loving every minute of it! I actually took him for his 4th haircut last week! He has so much hair…I love it! The hairstyle I always choose for him requires styling, but because I don’t feel comfortable putting hair products in his hair, I made my own little mixture with only two ingredients! Let me know if you guys want me to share what I use to style his hair it is totally baby safe! I picked these jeans up the other day and they are so comfortable and soft! I’m also loving this top ..I am OBSESSED! Definitely going to pack it for our LA trip this weekend! I was expecting a few shipments this week with pieces I was going to take on our trip, but unfortunately they didn’t come on time…..even though I bite the bullet and paid for express shipping ( I hate paying for shipping)!!! So now I am going to dig through my closet and see what I can come up with!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)!