SWEATER | CAMI | JEANS | EARRINGS | SHOES (similar here) | BAG Louis Vuitton (similar style here)

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but I had a hard time starting my day off today! Not even coffee helped!…. It was just one of those days! I ordered this adorable ruffle sleeve cardigan and I adore the ruffle detail! I’m so glad I got this one because I actually don’t own any black cardigans and I know I will be able to wear this with so much stuff in my closet. I have owned these jeans for a while now, but they are still available. I like my jeans to sit right above my ankles so I cut mine.

Yesterday my sister and I took Malik to play with some puppies and I swear I have never seen him laugh so hard! He could not get enough of the little puppies jumping around him. He had so much fun playing with all the puppies that he cried half way home! My husband said we should get it for him, but only if I am the one who takes on all the responsibilities LOL!


SWEATER | JEANS (similar here and here) | SHOES (similar here) | EARRINGS | WATCH: Old ( similar here) | BAG: Louis Vuitton (similar style here)

Happy Sunday! This sweater is my favorite item from a recent order I made! It’s a relaxed oversized fit, but at the same time it doesn’t look bulky. I absolutely love the balloon sleeves they are so cute! My jeans are the usual black jeans you see me in all the time! I swear I own more black jeans these are just my favorite! Not to long ago I wrote about a pair of shoes that are unbearable to wear and never saw myself purchasing another! Well my husband ended up buying me another pair for my birthday and they are nothing like my first pair I have. These are super comfortable and the perfect camel color to go with every outfit. My earrings I also picked up recently, they are the limited edition aqua colored drops and I absolutely adore them!

We finally got a confirmed date for the Ellen 12 Days of Giveways and we are so excited!




While in high school I really got into makeup. I remember late at night I would turn my little desk light on, spread all of my makeup across my desk and just do my makeup for hours. Watching YouTube videos and recreating the looks was my happy place. I was OBSESSED with watching makeup YouTube videos! I worked at Walgreens at the time and when pay day came around you could find me in the cosmetic aisle! Fast forward to when I graduated college, I was looking for a job in my field, but I had no luck. I was talking to one of my friends one day and she had mentioned that Chanel had a opening at one of their beauty counters. Before I knew it, with the help of my friend Behija i was working behind the Chanel counter. At that time I had never imagined I would end up working in retail doing makeup because in my mind, I just graduated college I was supposed to be working on building a career. I was confused about where I was going and what I wanted to do with my life, but I was also SUPER excited because makeup is something I always loved, but never thought I would be going into work to do everyday. Now before I worked at Chanel and some of my earlier days at Chanel the word “natural ” didn’t exist to me when doing my own makeup. I LOVED a full face of makeup, I mean give me 2 foundations, 10 eyeshadows and 5 lipsticks and I will figure out how to get them all on my face. Since then I have become such a minimalist when it comes to the products I use from day to day. A part of that may be because I became a mom and it forced me to get the same results without all the steps and extra products. Recently I have come to really love lighter makeup. The products I am going to be sharing today are products I have been using for years and absolutely love!


These are my most used and absolute favorite foundations! I get asked a lot about what my favorite beauty products are and my answer is always the same, when it comes to eyeshadow, lipstick, eyeliner, mascara I am not loyal to any particular product or brand, but when it comes to foundation and setting powder I always stick to the same one.

The CC Cream I used all summer long because of the spf50 and I cant express how AMAZING this product is. To be honest I was working at Chanel when this product launched and I absolutely hated it! I used to apply it with a flat foundation brush and it looked like a greasy mess anytime I would apply it. It wasn’t until I left Chanel that I started to use my fingers to apply it and it was absolutely beautiful. The product is very rich and thick so a little goes a long way, using your fingers to apply it helps to really sheer it out and give you beautiful even skin. The coverage is light to medium and the finish is dewy.

The Les Beiges foundation is also very beautiful and gives a light to medium coverage. It has a natural finish it’s not overly dewy, but also not matte. This is one I grab when I want a little more coverage, but don’t want the dewiness that you get from the CC Cream.

The Vitalumiere Aqua foundation makes your skin look super pretty! Its light coverage and looks very natural on the skin. The finish is also a natural finish, its not going to look dewy, but its also not going to look matte. When wearing this foundation it feels so natural almost like you have no foundation on your skin.

What I love about all the foundations I have shared is that they all look very natural on. They give you a beautiful even complexion without looking like you have a ton of makeup on.


These are my favorite all over face setting powders. The Chanel Le Teint Ultra is a powder foundation , so it will add coverage. I never use this alone because I do not like a super matte finish and if you use this alone you will get a very powdery matte result. I use this lightly over my other foundations if I need a little extra coverage on a particular day or if I am attending a event. This powder will give you a flawless airbrushed finish with a little extra coverage!

The Les Beiges powder (right one) is absolute magic! I swear guys everyone needs this powder, I have never had someone not love this powder after trying it. It makes your skin look so pretty! The powder itself is not going to give you any extra coverage when applied, but it is going to make your skin look unreal. It has shea butter in it that allows the powder to apply so smooth and never gives the appearance that you are wearing powder. It also blurs any fine lines and pores!

For my concealer I have used this for years and love it! it never creases or settles into any fine lines. I also use it as a eyeshadow  base!



For blush I love the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes. They apply very smoother and look super natural. They have a slight shimmer to them that does not look sparkly on the skin, but does wonders for pictures and when light hits your face. I also love Chanel blushes they smell amazing along with all of their other products. They are super pigmented and will last you forever. My favorite colors are Rose Petale, Golden Sun and Alezane. I transferred all of mine in a Z Palette for convenience. For everyday highlight I prefer something very light and natural and with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders I can achieve that. Its so natural, but yet when the light hits your face you look like you have the prettiest glow! They have a really nice palette out now that has a mix of different shades of blushes and powders here.


My favorite bronzer ever! Cream products always look more natural and I do not like a harsh contour for ever day! I use this to bronze up my skin everyday rather than to contour. You can definitely contour with it, but I like to use a beauty blender to apply it in the same areas you would contour and then blend it out really well with a beauty blender. This will give you a bronzed look (natural contour).I found that using a brush with this product moved my foundation around and created a patches, but using a beauty blender you can press the product down exactly where you want it without removing or moving your foundation around.



For everyday eyes I keep it pretty basic. I use either this palette or this one. I put a light brown transition color in my crease and add one of the cream shadows on my lids and call it a day. Sometimes I add a darker color to my crease to add some depth, but for the most part I keep it very simple. The cream shadows are great and so easy they come in a ton of colors, I always add a more champagne color on my lids to make my eyes look brighter and more awake. For primer lash primer I love this one! I always use a lash primer because I love thick lashes and when I go over it with this mascara it gives me false like lashes!


This is my go to brow product. It will last you forever and stays in place all day.


I am such a lip junkie! I love lip products specifically any nude or pinky nude, I need to have every shade!

My favorite lip product is the Chanel Double Intensite. This product is so good! It is a stain that does not dry out your lips you have the option of leaving it matte or applying a coat of clear gloss over it that comes on the other side! Highly recommend this product for any bride or anyone who is going to an event and doesn’t want to worry about having to reapply their lipstick.

When it comes to lips I am definitely a gloss girl! The Rouge Coco Gloss are non sticky and hydrating! My favorite shades are Noce Moscata, Rose pulpe and Caresse.

My two favorite lipsticks Cecile and La Raffinee. Cecile is the perfect pink shade! It comes from a hydrating line that has a more shiny finish and La Raffinee is the prettiest color ever! Its from a matte line, but it is a comfortable matte!

Lastly my favorite lip product for this this of the year is hands down this one. The Rouge Coco Shines are so perfect because they are SUPER hydrating and feel like butter on your lips! They give you a sheer wash of color and shine! I always pull these out during this time of the year because my lips get super chapped and these definitely help with that, while giving you a little color on your lips. My favorite shades are Boy (perfect light pink), Reveuse ( perfect peachy nude) and the clear Baume that I like to use at night.



DRESS (more sizes here love this and this one) | BELT | SHOES (want these) | EARRINGS: Chanel ( similar style) | BAG: Louis Vuitton

And just like that we have come to the end of October!!! Where has the time gone!? I can’t believe how close we are to the holidays and to the closing of this year! Although there are only a few months left of this year, there are still a few exciting events that fall into these months. For one my birthday is in November! AGAIN where has the time gone?! Not going to lie I still feel like 18 lol :)! Also I’m excited for Black Friday, it tradition for my husband to have Thanksgiving dinner at my parents and go shopping after. Call us crazy, but we love going out for Black Friday!!! Speaking of the holiday season this sweater dress is perfect for any dinner, party or social event you will be attending. It’s the perfect dress to keep you warm, while still looking cute! The material of the dress is super soft and comfortable ( not itchy at all).  And how cute are the wrist ties!!!?? Such a cute girly touch! My booties I got a while ago and they pair so well with the dress!

Tonight we are taking Malik trick-or-treating, he has the cutest costume :)!  Also this week we should be getting a call from the Ellen show letting us know when we will be going back for the 12 Days of Giveaways! We are so excited to go back!





SWEATER  (also similar)|  JEANS (similar HERE & HERE) | SHOES: Vince Camuto ( similar HERE & HERE) | BAG: Tory Burch ( similar HERE & HERE) | WATCH: Michael Kors ( similar HERE) | BRACELETE

It has been my goal this Fall to add a little more color to my wardrobe. An easy way to add some color to your Fall wardrobe is with a bright sweater or even something small like a scarf. I always tend to gravitate towards neutrals, but sometimes that can get boring and you start to feel like you are wearing the same stuff over and over!! I picked up this sweater and I absolutely love it! I love the contrast between the brighter and darker colors! My black distressed jeans are the ones I always wear! This is why I honestly don’t mind spending a little extra on jeans, they last forever and always look brand new! Plus like I have mentioned before they fit amazing and are super comfortable. My shoes I got last year, but there are so many similar styles this season as well. My Tory Burch bag I got a few years ago while my husband and I were in Vegas and it has since been discontinued, but again there are so many similar styles!!

On another note Malik and I went to a new grocery store that opened by us and I love it, they have so many organic items (if you’re into that kinda stuff). Anytime we enter ANY grocery store Malik starts saying “mmmm mmmmmm” it cracks me up!!! While we were there I picked up some ingredients to make a teething oil for him, he has four molars coming in :(! For the most part his teeth come in and he shows no sign of irritation, but these four have been giving him a little trouble, wish us luck that this oil helps!!



JACKET: Lululemon (last season similar here & want this ) | LEGGINGS (similar here & here) | SHOES (identical here) | T-SHIRT | BAG: Louis Vuitton (similar style here )

Happy Saturday everyone! I’m super excited about the weekend. This weekend we had no plans, but to lounge around the house and catch up on some shows. Most of the time if we have no plans for the weekend  you can catch me in a t-shirt and a pair of leggings, I like to be as comfortable as possible when I know I’ll be spending the day at home. I ordered this shirt and was so surprised by the quality when it arrived! I always throw on white tees over my jeans and leggings and I like that this one is a little different from the rest of my basic white tees, it also pairs so well with jeans! I love these sneakers because whether I have a super casual outfit like this one or I am wearing jeans and a sweater they go with just about every outfit! My jacket I got at Lululemon last season, but I linked a similar one. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and staying warm!!


TOP | JEANS | BOOTS | SUNGLASSES | BAG: Louis Vuitton (similar style) | EARRINGS | NECKLACE (similar here)

Happy Thursday everyone! When I saw these boots I knew I had to have them! They are a dupe for a designer pair of boots, but for a fraction of the cost. There are so many good OTK boots out now that you can find a pair in just about any price range. With a one year old I was worried that I would have to break a sweat to get these on, but I was so wrong! They have a silk like lining that makes them a breeze to slide on. I also enjoy the thicker heel on the boots that makes them more comfortable for everyday wear. It was also important to me that they don’t slide down my legs, there is nothing more annoying than when you buy OTK boots and they keep sliding down to your ankles!! Once these are on they stay on!!! My flannel top is actually a tunic that I tucked into my jeans! My favorite way to wear flannels is tucking them in! I love incorporating flannels into my wardrobe around this time of the year!



Make sure to check them out at





TOP: H&M (want this one) | JEANS: Sp Black | SHOES: Steve Madden | EARRINGS: Express | NECKLACE: Stella&Dot (similar here) | BAG: Louis Vuitton (similar here and here)

Hello everyone! I got this sweater at H&M and I love how light weight it is. What first attracted me to this sweater was the color of course (shocker)! I love a good neutral sweater, I always find that lightweight sweaters are more flattering on me than a heavier sweater. I am wearing a size medium, I went up a size because I like my sweaters to fit loose. I know I say this all the time, but I swear these jeans are my favorite! They are super flattering on and I love the ankle detail! I tried them on one day when I was at Nordstrom, I loved them, but I asked myself do I really need another pair of jeans!? Apparently I did because the next morning I was waiting outside of Nordstrom to buy them! They only had a one left in each size. Also my shoes are probably one of my favorite shoes I own! I have them in two colors and anytime I don’t know what shoes to pair with a outfit these never fail me! They are so simple and go with everything!


CARDIGAN: Express | TANK: Express | JEANS: STS Blue | SHOES: Steve Madden (similar) | HANDBAG: Forever21| NECKLACE: Stella&Dot | Short NECKLACE: Stella&Dot (similar) | EARRINGS: Halogen

Happy Wednesday everyone! I cant believe its already Wednesday, I feel like yesterday was just the weekend! My weekend was filled with makeup appointments, which were so much fun, but I was definitely excited when Sunday rolled around and I could just relax ( not really I had to wash all of my brushes!) Anyway how cute is this cardi!? I love how oversized it is considering I am not a coat person when the colder months hit, so this cardi is perfect, I can wear as many layers as I want under it to keep me warm. I typically wear a oversized cardigan with tons of layers under during the winter months because I hate coats! I swear I feel so constricted in a coat I hate that feeling! My tank comes in 11 colors and I want every color!!! I love this simple tank because it’s so versatile, whether you work in an office and pair it with dress pants or a pencil skirt or whether you pair it with a pair of jeans like I did it looks great with everything!!!! My jeans are super comfortable and I love the darker wash for fall. STS Blue seriously makes some of my favorite jeans. My bag is under 33$!!!!! and I love it so much! I love the color and the simple style. If you know me you know I am not careful with any of my things, I use and abuse them! And with a everyday bag at that price I don’t have to feel bad if I spill Malik’s snacks or drinks in it.

P.S I was not having the best hair day this day…. I had just dried my hair and Malik woke up from his nap! So up in a ponytail it went! (baby hairs all over the place!!)



Make sure to check them out at




JACKET: Express | PLAID SHIRT: Express (want this one)| JEANS: STS Blue | BELT: Express | NECKLACE: Stella&dot | EARRINGS: Halogen | SHOES: Christian Louboutin | BAG: Forever21(exact style here) | BRACELET: JCrew

Happy Thursday everyone! So I posted the other day on my Instagram about Maliks HORRIBLE haircut he got from Sweet and Sassy. If you saw the photo I’m sure you agree that it was just terrible! It was honestly my fault for rushing, he needed a haircut I was at the mall and thought it was convenient to go to anyone who was available, lets just say I wont ever do that again ( it was that bad)! While we were there I saw Express was having a sale on almost everything in the store! I got this faux leather jacket and I am so in love the camel color, it goes with just about everything! I love how the hardwear brings more of a edgy look to the jacket. I paired it with this plaid button down that has flared sleeves that tie (and got Malik a matching one :)!) My jeans are from Nordstrom and I wish a sized down in them because they do run a bit large! I also love my belt that I also picked up from Express. To be honest I was never a belt girl! This is the first belt I own, the other few belts I have I only used to cinch my waist in! But I’m not going to lie belts may just be my new thing :). During my shoot my photographer was so sweet and took some shots of Malik and I that I will insert into this post! GUYS!!!! he seriously melts my heart (heart emoji eyes!!!!). I just look at him and wonder, how did we get so lucky?

I would like to thank Vasva (OV Photography) for taking the time to take our pictures for this post! She is SUPER talented and such a sweet girl! Not only is her work amazing, but she took the time to really understand the type of shots I wanted. She is super creative and helpful during shoots! Oh and did mention that she is great with kids. You can really see how passionate she is about photography by the way she is dedicated to provide you exactly what you ask for and she is always updating her equipment to ensure her clients get the best quality photos! Make sure you check her out, all of her info will be below 🙂

OV Photography